The Topic of Labor

Before Divest UF gets into a discussion of endowments, admin policies, and whatnot…

We begin from the single point that our organized campaign SUPPORTS and COMPLIMENTS the ongoing struggles of the Graduate Assistants United (UF-GAU) and United Faculty of Florida (UF-UFF) among numerous others. We encourage everyone to show their support for these unions in their prolonged effort for a better UF community.

We are proud members of the swamp and will promote our friends as such!


Berkeley of the South!

Welcome Y’all!   A group of us got together during the 20-16 spring semester and decided to launch the project you find before you, DivestUF!  We expect the first meeting of the semester to occur around early September. In the meantime, please feel encouraged to sign the petition and join the listserve (we promise not to spam you).